We lead AI-Design Sprints Fashion at international digital or technology festivals 

Fashion is fun and everyone can relate to fashion, that's why we use it as an example industry focus for participants to experience our AI-Design Sprint tools. Our AI-Design Sprints are always a fun, high energy, filled with good vibes experience for the participants. Participants at festivals develop new AI-based services within fashion.

To reach this industry focus we created out of research example people to design a solution for within fashion, and out of research we created about 30 needs & wants within fashion in form of needs & wants cards. 

We lead AI-Design Sprints Fashion with companies in fashion to help them work more effectively and create better customer experiences

Therefore we have two formats:

  • one is the AI-Design Sprint Fashion New Services
  • the other one is the AI-Design Sprint Fashion Process Automation

Over coffee we would like to show you some of the cases.