“The AI-Card Deck is supporting us during Data Thinking workshops we run at dlighted to highlight the hidden data potentials of our clients. We use it to creatively generate new ideas on data that exists in the company or in order to develop new features of existing products. The intuitive and very simple language enables us to run sprints that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.”


Tizian Kronsbein, Founder, Dlighted


The AI-Card Deck

Some who participated at our open AI-Design Sprints asked us for the AI-Card Deck – here you go! It’s available now.

It consists of:

  • 53 cards with different AI technology – each card states an AI technology, the backside states two or more use cases that illustrate that technology

  • 1 x intro card

Fee: €200


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We will launch a magazine on people and AI – soon.