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Hi, we are a human-centered AI consultancy and AI design tools provider

  • We help your team develop ways for applying AI in your business

  • And we provide AI design tools

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What we mean with AI

We use it as the broadest term for algorithms, computer science approaches and techniques for building models that learn from data collected from the real world. (If you’re up for it, we can have a nerdy discussion about it.) It enables a machine to understand what it hears, understand what it sees, create things, extract information, predict and optimise, automate tasks, and act autonomously. Overall, AI makes a machine or software program intelligent so it can work and react like humans.

Recently AI surprised the world by teaching itself to walk, and teaching itself the game of Go by even quickly surpassing human level. The dexterity of OpenAI’s robot system surprised us as well.


AI is the superpower that enables to do almost anything except teleportation.


It’s the superpower that is waiting to boost your business.


“80% of processes in today’s companies can be run by an AI with today’s technology.”

Hans-Christian Boos, CEO, Arago, AI pioneer

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“AI is probably one of the most important things humanity has ever worked on, I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

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AI-Design Sprint

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The AI-Design Sprint:

  • is based on Google Venture’s proven Design Sprint methodology

  • focuses on artificial intelligence

  • uses the established design method of card sorting

In an AI-Design Sprint, which is like a workshop, decision makers make decisions around AI for their business. It helps you get started and go from a passive to an active role. It enables you to develop an AI solution for your business together with an AI expert.

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Pre session: Together we define what to focus on, what to take into the design sprint process. We make sure we have the right data ready for the sprint. (2 hours)

AI-Design Sprint session: Participants work in teams of 4-5 people. They match user need, or an existing product, or a process, or a business organogram with individual AI technology using cards. Teams develop first solutions, visualise them, seek feedback, iterate, evaluate their solutions and present them. (Half day - 1 day)

Evaluation presentation: We summarise the result of the AI-Design Sprint session, present the technical feasibility evaluated by our AI expert and suggest next steps. (2 hours)

Proof of concept: In a lab-exercise our AI expert selects the right algorithms and trains them using your data. (6 weeks)

Business case: We develop the business case and present it. (2 hours)

Scale: Implementation and scale of the AI solution into your organisation.

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"Your session was super powerful ... the clients loved it." 

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Hazel Swayne, Director of Tailored Solutions, Hyper Island


"Fantastic experience and great AI tool." 


Wei Wei, Senior Management Consultant, Northstream


We’ve worked with organisations around the globe.

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