Hi, we are a Human-Centered AI Consultancy. We design and apply AI tailor-made solutions to people's needs.


"80% of processes in today's companies can be run by an AI with today's technology." 

Hans-Christian Boos


our tools

AI-Design Sprint 

Go from zero to the prototype of your most relevant AI application for your business. 

We developed the AI-Design Sprint for business leaders to get an overview of AI and to apply AI in the context of their business. It's based on the proven Google Design Sprint methodology, only condensed to intensive couple half-day and day sessions, and with the focus on AI. 

Why people love the AI-Design Sprint: 

  • It's a collaborative development tool – you develop your AI solution for your business together with your team. And you give all stakeholders a voice in the process. If you work with clients, the AI-Design Sprint is the tool for involving the client into the development process.

  • It gets you started easily – instead of an entire week in a conventional design sprint, the AI-Design Sprint is a half-day or day session plus a pre and post session.

  • You become smarter about AI – instead of receiving suggestions from an expert or you move the responsibility to smart AI people you hire but you stay passive, the AI-Design Sprint empowers you to take decisions regarding AI and your business yourself. It puts you into the drivers seat.

  • People have less fear and resentments – much of the ethical discussion is obsolete because we start with people from the beginning. Therefore we are on the you can call it good side of AI.


An AI-Design Sprint answers questions like: 

  • WTF is AI?

  • How could AI help my business? 

  • We are not Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, how could we use AI as a regular business?

  • Isn't AI only about bots?

  • From the many opportunities to apply AI what is the right one for us?


our Service

We lead several different AI-Design Sprints:

You can apply AI in many different ways, in a pre-session we define what the AI-Design Sprint should focus on. Each AI-Design Sprint is a half-day or a one-day session. 


Process Automation

Participants develop AI applications that automate their parts of their business processes. Either freeing employees of boring tasks or amplifying them. 


New Services

Participants develop new AI-based services. 


Improving Products

Participants amplify their existing products through adding an AI tech layer to their product. 



Your team within your company develops your manufacturing automation solution yourself.


opportunity mapping

Your team maps out AI and matches it with your business organogram. You test the matches with real users and other stakeholders.



Together you design your chatbot, the functionality and the personality, using our canvas and card decks.


The process of applying AI is pretty simple, with the AI-Design Sprint being at the beginning of it. With our AI Expert we reach a data strategy and we put the team together to bring your AI solution to life. 




AI-Card Deck

Some of you guys who participated in our open AI-Design Sprints asked us for the AI-Card Deck – so here you go!


  • 53 x cards with different AI technology – each card states an AI technology, the backside states two or more use cases that illustrate that technology

  • 1 x intro card

Fee: €200


Get the tools to run your own AI-Design Sprint 

For designers and for consultants familiar with design tools. 


Develop new AI-based services:

AI-Design Sprint New Services – Starter Kit Basic

All you need to start exploring AI and developing your first AI-based services. Each step is explained thoroughly on the canvas, so you simply follow the instructions. 


  • 1 x Canvas: AI-Design Sprint New Services (format: 42 x 150 cm)

  • 1 x AI-Card Deck

  • 1 x set of (4 x) persons and (30 x) needs & wants cards within the example industry: fashion

Fee: €300


Develop new AI-based services with your clients:

AI-Design Sprint New Services – Starter Kit Pro

All you need to run the first AI-Design Sprints New Services with your clients. 


  • 5 x Canvas: AI-Design Sprint New Services (format: 84 x 350 cm) 

  • 5 x Evaluation Canvas, 2 x data cards

  • 2 x AI-Card Deck

  • 1 x Keynote presentation

  • 2 x set of (5 x) persons and (30 x) needs & wants cards within the example industry fashion

Fee: €600


Automate processes using AI: 

AI-Design Sprint Process Automation – Starter Kit Pro


  • 5 x Canvas: AI-Design Sprint Process Automation (format: 84 x 350 cm) 

  • 4 x AI-Category Card Deck

  • 16 x AI-Card Deck

  • 1 x Keynote presentation

Fee: €1000


online course


Online Course AI-Design Sprint New Services


This is hands on. Together we will go through several AI-Design Sprints New Services step by step.  

Fee €200


Online Course AI-Design Sprint Process Automation


This is hands on. Together we will go through several AI-Design Sprints Process Automation step by step. 

Fee €200



Become a certified AI-Design Sprint Facilitator



  • AI-Design Sprint Starter Kits New Services, Process Automation, Solving Business Problem, Improving Products

  • Hands on experience leading different AI-Design Sprints

  • Overview of AI 

  • Certificate

  • Access to our AI specialist to reach the data strategy

Fee €2000


What people say


"Your session was super powerful ... the clients loved it." 





Mike Brandt, Cofounder, Designer and author, AI Designer, Facilitator


Maria Angelica Saavedra Hernandez, Service Designer, Facilitator


Jonas Wenke, Service Designer, Facilitator


Flemming Adsersen, AI Expert, Partner and owner at DataScienceHouse


Vidor Német, Junior Business Development